Monday, 30 March 2015

C.M. JONES, INC. - Queries we have a tendency to raise

C.M. Jones, Inc. strives to produce progressively higher customers service year when year. when twenty years, we have a tendency to area unit assured that we've a number of the simplest client service within the space around our headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania. we've the foremost specialised employees and consultants within the region and that we will handle all manner of landscaping jobs notwithstanding however massive or little with our specialised personnel we've employed in-house, and our the specialised instrumentation we have a tendency to own. after you create a traumatize United States, you're obtaining solely our consultants and our experience. we have a tendency to don’t farm out any jobs to outside contractors, and that we don’t rent our instrumentation. 

When we begin a brand new project at C.M. Jones, Inc., we have a tendency to usually raise our prospective customers four questions: however will we have a tendency to help? What might we have a tendency to do otherwise than alternative companies? however will we have a tendency to prevent money? however will we have a tendency to prevent time? Customers, we find, area unit terribly honest with their answers, and that we do what we will to satisfy those answers. we've worked exhausting over the years to earn the community’s trust, and this trust, going each ways that, has allowed United States to become the organization that serves many of us within the community nowadays. 

All of the staff of C.M. Jones, Inc. see each new project as a brand new chance to earn the loyalty and trust of another consumer. we have a tendency to crave the chance to point out you our talent and our trustiness. Anyone UN agency must offer their outside sanctuary a facelift ought to decision C.M. Jones to urge a free quote.

C.M. Jones, Inc.: Doing Things Differently

C.M. Jones, Inc. does things a bit differently than other landscaping and construction firms. Based in Exton, Pennsylvania, C.M. Jones has a reach extending to all of the Philadelphia suburbs including Malvern, Frazer, Wayne, and West Chester, and to New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. What separates C.M. Jones from similar companies is our highly specialized approach to all landscaping projects. We have our own trade specialists for all tasks in-house, so we never have to contract jobs out to other individuals or companies.

When you make a deal with us, you make it only with us, and no other contractors of any kind for virtually all projects. C.M. Jones also owns its own highly specialized equipment, meaning there is very little wait time to get the right equipment in place to do the job according to our customers’ specifications. Our supervisors manage each job on an individual basis from each actual job site. Some other landscaping companies have managers at their office calling foremen at the job site to get a status update. Our managers go to each job site to make personal inspections.

C.M. Jones, Inc. offers its services to homeowners, construction management firms, general contractors, development or management firms, and some homeowners in Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. We offer many services to anyone who needs them, including commercial and residential landscape consultation and installation; patio, terrace, and water feature design and installation; landscaping maintenance programs, evaluations, and budgeting, among many others. If you need an upgrade to your outdoor area, make your first call to C.M. Jones, Inc. and see the difference immediately. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc. – Belief in Our Responsibility

C.M. Jones, Inc. was founded twenty years ago to claim responsibility for our customers’ outdoor areas. We have believed for the past twenty years that our responsibility is to earn our customers’ respect through integrity, and providing them with value. All of our projects add some sort of value to our clients’ property, whether that comes in the form of a renovated gazebo, a new flower bed, or a new pond and waterfall system. We also offer our customers a renovated outdoor space that provides functionality, excitement, curb appeal, beauty, and sustainability.


The expert landscapers at C.M. Jones, Inc. know what their customers want, and it is their responsibility to deliver it. We offer fully specialized landscape construction services to all of our customers according to their needs, sometimes on extremely short notice. We know how important it is to get landscaping repairs after a damaging storm, for example. With the weather getting more extreme every year, emergency landscaping has become more common.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc. - A Little Different

C.M. Jones, Inc. does things a little differently. We are a specialized landscaping firm with years of experience helping people in the Philadelphia suburban area revitalize their homes.

When you hire C.M. Jones to do extensive work, you know that we have all specialty trades people hired in-house, we own all of our specialty equipment, and we manage our projects from the work site, not the office. Stop by the office at 960 Swedesford Rd. Exton, PA 19341.

C.M. Jones, Inc. - Responsibility

C.M. Jones, Inc. takes the responsibility for adding value to your home. Our integrity and our value to our customers are based on the final product of our work.
We want your land to provide beauty, curbside appeal, and sustainability after we are done with our work.
Our work on your property should add much value to the property as a whole and provide you with excellent comfort. Come by our headquarters at 960 Swedesford Rd. Exton, PA 19341.
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Friday, 20 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc. – Highly Specialized Landscaping Firm

C.M. Jones, Inc. is a highly specialized landscaping firm located in Exton. We have been serving the Philadelphia suburbs with excellent landscaping service for over twenty years. Although we consider ourselves highly specialized, we cover a wide range of landscaping needs.

Our workers are some of the best in the industry and are all experienced in virtually all landscaping services there are. Stop by and see us at 960 Swedesford Rd. Exton, PA 19341.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015


At C.M. Jones, Inc., we know that efficiency matters. Time is money, specifically your time if you hire us, so we work efficiently so that we get your project done within the time frame and on-budget. Being efficient is not just about speed. Anyone can work fast and do a sloppy job. Our workers are trained in not only working quickly but doing the job right. 

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Monday, 16 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc.: Experience in all Aspects of Landscaping

C.M. Jones, Inc. has all of the best landscapers in-house and ready to serve their customers in the Philadelphia suburban area. Our wide range of services is comprehensive to any home owner, contractor, developer, or any other trying to improve a property. We provide the best professional landscape maintenance, organics, consultation, tree and shrub pruning, planting, bed preparation and cleanup, mulch sales and spreading, water features, hardscaping, and more. All of our experts in each specific area of landscaping work only for us, and all of our workers, specialized or not, are trained to get the job done as quickly as possible while still providing quality work.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc. - Best Landscaping Crews in the Area

C.M. Jones, Inc. boasts the best landscaping crews in the Exton, Pennsylvania area. All of the workers for C.M. Jones are dedicated to limiting budget over runs and costly mistakes for their customers. Each employee was hired because of their excellent work ethic, their commitment to providing the best landscaping services to customers and serving their community. C.M. Jones, Inc. also employs some of the best landscaping experts in the area as managers and coordinators to help their customers design landscaping projects.
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C.M. Jones, Inc. - Highly Specialized Landscape Company

C.M. Jones, Inc. is a highly-specialized landscaping company based in Exton, Pennsylvania, serving all of the Philadelphia suburbs in the area including West Chester, Malvern, Wayne, and Frazer. We have spent the last two decades helping people add value to their homes by giving their property a landscaping facelift. Our services will add more than beauty, however. We can beautify your outdoor space, add curbside appeal, and a high level of functionality. From beautiful ponds and other water works to new trees and shrubs, C.M. Jones has the experience and the specialized know-how to achieve almost any landscaping project you want or need.

C.M. Jones, Inc. has a stable of capable landscapers each with their own field of expertise. All of our specialty personnel we hire in-house. We don’t need to farm out our jobs to complete complicated projects. We also don’t need to rent equipment that our team of landscapers doesn’t know how to use. All of the equipment, experience, and specialized expertise are in one place. This makes it much easier for us to do our job well. We keep our own equipment and specialists to make each job more efficient and valuable to our customers.
At C.M. Jones, Inc., we offer a wide range of services and the people who know how to execute them on your property no matter what the project is. C.M. Jones is a full-service landscaping company that does it a little differently than others. We have our own experts and equipment so that you know your project will be done by experts with nothing but your time on their minds.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc.: Excellent Customer Service

C.M. Jones, Inc. offers its highly specialized landscaping services to both residential and commercial customers. We focus on the area around Exton, Pennsylvania, but we also work on select homes throughout New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. We have satisfied customers in several different states in the area, and they all rave about the range of services we provide, which sometimes go beyond simple landscaping tasks into lawn maintenance and some construction. 

The best way to find out if some of our experts can help you with your project is to contact us or stop by our headquarters in Exton. Chances are, we have the services to help you with any project.