Monday, 23 March 2015

C.M. Jones, Inc. – Belief in Our Responsibility

C.M. Jones, Inc. was founded twenty years ago to claim responsibility for our customers’ outdoor areas. We have believed for the past twenty years that our responsibility is to earn our customers’ respect through integrity, and providing them with value. All of our projects add some sort of value to our clients’ property, whether that comes in the form of a renovated gazebo, a new flower bed, or a new pond and waterfall system. We also offer our customers a renovated outdoor space that provides functionality, excitement, curb appeal, beauty, and sustainability.


The expert landscapers at C.M. Jones, Inc. know what their customers want, and it is their responsibility to deliver it. We offer fully specialized landscape construction services to all of our customers according to their needs, sometimes on extremely short notice. We know how important it is to get landscaping repairs after a damaging storm, for example. With the weather getting more extreme every year, emergency landscaping has become more common.