Monday, 22 February 2016

C.M. Jones, Inc. - Raising Property Values

C.M. Jones has completed many landscaping projects in the Greater Philadelphia area in the more than twenty years since it was founded. The landscape design and maintenance company views each new project as an opportunity to earn the loyalty and trust of its client.

As landscape professionals, C.M. Jones, Inc. brings a working knowledge of the plants and flowers of the region to each job. Not only can they provide clients with the skills necessary to keep their yards well groomed, they can plant trees and shrubs, flowers, and design improvements that will raise the value of the property.

Some landscaping businesses limit themselves to either residential or commercial properties, but C.M. Jones, Inc. takes on both. They employ trained professionals, including those in specialty trades like masonry, and offer specific areas of expertise to those in the construction industry such as general contractors and development firms.

For residential properties, landscaping jobs include mowing the lawn, trimming weeds, planting flowers, shrubs and trees, and trimming and pruning shrubs, hedges and trees. Many landscaping companies will also fertilize plants and lawns. C.M. Jones, Inc. offers its clients lawn treatment programs with organic and inorganic approaches.

It’s never a bad idea for a homeowner to engage the services and expertise of a professional landscaping company like C.M. Jones, Inc. Whether they are redesigning an existing yard or starting from scratch, a landscaping company is going to have the experience and skill to design and build beautifully landscaped properties that enhance its value many times over.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

C.M. Jones, Inc. - Landscape Design

C.M. Jones, Inc. is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-area landscaping firm that serves the city’s suburbs and surrounding communities. They are a strong and capable business that focuses on the simple philosophy that time is money.

Traditionally, landscape design involves plotting out the final appearance of a piece of property: deciding where each tree or shrub, where each flower bed is going to go. A master plan for a yard is a valuable tool. It’s important to see the property in both the short and long term. One of the things that you have to take into consideration is future access. That might mean anything from mowers to stump grinders, to future projects for the yard, like the addition of a gazebo or a porch.

At some point, most homeowners are faced with the prospect of a design project or repair that will require some loud and heavy equipment in the back yard. A landscape design has to anticipate that. If it doesn’t then the homeowner is going to be faced with the prospect of tearing out some of the existing landscape to make way for all that equipment.

Landscape design should begin with a focal point. Like any kind of design, that means a feature that catches the eye, and even engages you. It might be a tree or an architectural feature, or it might be a part of the yard that remains clear to take advantage of the surrounding view.

The landscape professionals at C.M. Jones, Inc. believe that it’s their responsibility to offer their clients value, integrity, functionality, excitement, beauty, curb appeal and sustainability in every service they provide.


Monday, 8 February 2016

C.M. Jones, Inc. - Hardscaping Your Yard

When you add elements like stone, concrete patios, gravel paths, or any other element not found in nature to your landscape, you are creating a hardscape. Hardscaping your yard can bring functionality and a level of interest to your design. C.M. Jones, Inc., a specialized landscape construction company in Philadelphia, has been helping their clients design beautiful hardscapes for more than 20-years. Here are five tips to help you create a beautiful hardscape design in your yard.
  • Choose a theme – When you are thinking about your theme, keep in mind what the exterior of your house looks like. Also, be sure to avoid using a random mix of elements to keep your yard from looking like an outdoor museum.
  • Look at the big picture – even if you have no plans to complete your hardscape at one time, it is important to look at the big picture. Develop a plan for the entire space so you don’t end up placing an element in the way of another feature you decide you want later on.
  • Deal with drainage – adding certain elements, like a wall or patio, can affect how the area drains water. To ensure the water still seeps into the ground, be sure to add permeable elements to your design.
  • Follow nature’s curves – only having straight lines in your yard will make it look unnatural. You want your landscaping to match the shapes of Mother Nature, so not all sidewalks need to be linear.
Finally, if you are drastically changing your yard, you need to prepare the site properly. Take some time to talk to a professional, like those at C.M. Jones, Inc., to answer any questions you might have about your hardscape design.